Corporate Philosophy
Quality of life has three different meanings; “Living thing”, “Daily living” and “Life time”. Our mission is to improve Q.O.L (Quality of 3 Life) and to enlarge ability of activities for our customers not only to their body but also to their mind.
Corporate Information
We have technology to make a smile. We introduce you our Company Profile, Group Network, Description of Business, Group History and Group Organization.
CSR Activities
We, Kawamura Group think that “Compliance” , “Forming Sense of Security” , “For our Community and Future” and “Human Resources Development” is fundamental factors of CSR Activities.
People in KAWAMURA
They are your partners. You can get along with them from hospitalization through in-home to public participation. We strongly support our precious property, our employees to develop their talent as specialists.
Voice from Professionals
They always consider their customers first. We’re proud to introduce you our brain partners.
Voice from our Customers
We are always waiting for their warm smiles and tender words that improve our skill. We introduce you the valuable voices from our customers.
People in KAWAMURA
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