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Group History
We introduce Group History of Kawamura Group.
1946 Dec. Kazuto Kawamura founded Kawamura Gishi Seisakusho in Higashi Osaka city.
1950 Feb. Kawamura Gishi Seisakusho moved to 2-20, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka city.
1957 Aug. Ichiro Kawamura became a representative.
1963 Apr. Incorporation to Kawamura Gishi Co., Ltd.
1968 Jul. Pacific Supply Co., Ltd. was established.
1971 Sept. New factory was built at 1, Kidamotomiya, Neyagawa city.
1974 May. Pacific Supply Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch office was set up.
1977 Mar. Aids Center was set up at 2-1-4, Tenjinbashi, kita-ku, Osaka city.
1978 May. Kawamura Gishi Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch office was set up in Tokorozawa city, Saitama.
1979 Jul. Kawamura Giken Co., Ltd. was established.
1983 Feb. Kawamura Orthopedic Appliance Co., Ltd. became independent from the overseas trade dept. of Kawamura Gishi.
1991 Apr. Kawamura Gishi Co., Ltd. Techno-center was set up.
1997 Jun. Kawamura Giken Co., Ltd. merged with Kawamura Gishi Co., Ltd.Kawamura Orthopedic Appliance Co., Ltd. merged with Pacific Supply Co., Ltd.
1999 May. Kawamura Group moved to a new office building at 1-chome Goryo, Daito city.
2000 Nov. Ichiro Kawamura passed away and Kei Kawamura became a CEO/President.
2005 Feb. Acquisition of ISO9001 certification for a whole Kawamura Group.
2008 Nov. Acquisition of Privacy Mark certification as the first in the prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing field.
2014 Jan. Tokyo head office moved to Koto-ku, Tokyo, and sales offices integrated.
2019 Jun. Management Philosophy and Company Motto were revised.
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