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Description of Business
We introduce Description of Business of Kawamura Group.
We deliver you a perfect fit product by using our professional employees belonging to a medical team from casting through manufacturing and checking to fitting (delivery).
Tender orthosis supports your body gently. We will make you a reasonable product by using our deep professional knowledge and long experience.
We will help you to enlarge your world by proposing our perfect fit products for your body and your life style.
We deliver you equipment you need for your recovery of movement and your active life.
We have various kinds of technical devices with various functions. Everyone would like to select what he uses on his own. We can satisfy your selection.
When you call, talk to or write a letter to someone. We have “communication aid” for you to enjoy communication.

You can rent welfare equipment as long as you want. You just entrust selection, delivery and even maintenance to us.
We can modify your home like setting up railing or mini ramp by using our medical and architectural professional knowledge.
We can promise you quick delivery of orthosis proper for you and you can return to the society without missing time.
We produce full order-made artificial body like finger, face part and breast with counseling and advanced technique.
We supply easy-to-hear and comfortable hearing aid to grope about your “world of sound” from natural conversation.

We have a base of Home Care Assistance Business, including “Home Care Assistance Center” and “IkiIki Net Assistance Center”.
Lecture meeting / Seminar
We hold various lectures and seminars by professionals in our field as enlightenment activities about medical technology and welfare.
Pacific Supply
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