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Voice from our Customers
We always wait for their warm smiles and tender words that improve our skill.
It is Kawamura Group's precious property that our customers give us smile. Since Kawamura Gishi adopts precious opinions from customers, our business field extends day by day. We introduce you those tender words from our customers to set fire for employees motivation and raise future-oriented mind.
Ms. Yuko Mori
Ms. Yuko Mori
Temp Staff,
Taiji-cho,Wakayama prefecture
I had my left foot paralyzed 20 years ago and I had used orthosis since then. After that, suddenly I felt strong pain in my left foot and I changed orthosis to Gait Solution Design (GSD). Not only the pain went away little by little, but also I could walk very naturally with GSD. I felt I could walk naturally as I had before. A staff of Kawamura Gishi, a PO gave me advice not only to functional aspect but also to cosmetic or fashionable aspect. He also told me about his experience in ski accident. Dr. told me my orthosis looks good and I became positive to reward his kindness.
Ms. Emi Kaneki
Ms. Emi Kaneki
Office worker,
Takatsuki city, Osaka prefecture
(Sitting volleyball captain in Beijing 2008 Paralympics) I had used KAFO for 2 years until 2003. At the time I worked in an apparel shop. When I told to a staff of Kawamura Gishi about that, he made me an orthosis covered with denim. I was very glad and surprised when I saw even a post was covered with denim. Staff of Kawamura Gishi are always listening to us thoroughly and to the last. Their response is always very quick. They can repair orthosis in the same day I asked it. They really know my orthosis is a part of my leg and I can't walk without it. They also suggest me some idea how they could solve my problem when I told it and realize his idea with a orthosis. I never heard anyone in Kawamura Gishi is saying “I can't do that”.
Mr. Katsuyuki Abe
Mr. Katsuyuki Abe
Photo studio manager,
Nishinomiya city,
Hyogo prefecture
I found that I had diabetes after a traffic accident. After that, I amputated my left thigh because of osteomyelitis from infection. I started to wear prosthesis since then. When I was just amputated my thigh, I sometimes went out with my wife. She drove me to anywhere I wanted since I couldn't walk by myself. At the same time, Kawamura Gishi held a user event to experience prosthesis, "Let's do it with prosthesis!" in head office. I joined it and that was almost the first going out for me after amputation. When someone says he has disability in his leg, this disability is different from each other, one by one. The event had something to make me positive. Then, I joined this kind of event many times. I started to walk with my prosthesis after that and now I can walk without help of a cane. I think these kinds of events are very helpful for prosthesis users. I want to say thank you to Kawamura Gishi for holding the event. I think all employees in Kawamura Gishi I met in this event are very kind and I feel the whole company has an atmosphere to care for people with disabilities.
Ms. Junko Kawanaka
Junko Kawanaka
Office worker,
Minami-ku, Sakai city
I asked “Workshop Arte” to make artificial body cosmetic cover for my prosthesis made by Kawamura Gishi. At that time, I had many things to decide such as skin coloring and I was totally puzzled. Then, a staff gave me much advice from her experience. I could talk to her light-heartedly because she could face my problem sincerely. Now, I can't feel anything difficult to talk to her and I really feel relaxed like I'm in my own home with her. I also can enjoy fashion like skirts or sandals before I gave up wearing. I'm looking for a skirt when I go shopping now.
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