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Voice from Professionals
They always give priority to customers. We introduce you our brains with pride.
Needs of our customers from all over the world are wide and deep and serious. We always apply acute opinions or latest information from professionals in various fields to supply certain products or service. We introduce you our brains that give us a hint not only for our products but also for our mind with pride.
He is invited to many seminars from all over Japan to appeal importance of rehabilitation and orthosis.
Mr. Masaharu Yoshio
Mr. Masaharu Yoshio
Vice director ,
Senri Rehabilitation Hospital
(Mino city, Osaka prefecture)
When I see staff of Kawamura Gishi, I feel that they are always considering their customers, “What is good for the customer.” They make efforts for my suggestion creatively. Once, one of staff of Kawamura Gishi suggested me to make orthosis assembled with sneaker in our hospital. He just said “We can also make this kind of orthosis”. He assembled with a pair of sneaker which an old woman selected for herself at that time. I think staff of Kawamura Gishi can make such a suggestion for solving our problem frequently. We can cooperate with them in our medical approaching team. We always try to think something good for our patients whoever related to them without calculating profit and loss. Some patient says that our hospital looks like a hotel. If you ask someone to select hospital or hotel for staying tonight, everyone would select hotel. We thought we should make our hospital like a hotel. I think we, cheerful person should make fit for a patient, cheerless person without forcing tolerance.
He conducts a prosthetic and orthotic workshop, a good partner with Pacific Supply.
Hiromichi Nakajima
President, NOT Co., Ltd.
(Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Pacific Supply supplies us ready-made orthoses, rehabilitation shoes or prosthetic parts for us. We also order Pacific Supply to manufacture Damen-corsets. We measure some part of patients in a hospital and send these data to Pacific Supply. Kawamura Gishi workshop use these data to design corsets by their CAD-CAM system and manufacture Damen-corsets. Damen-corsets made by Kawamura Gishi has various options in pads or colors. We train our employee ways to measure patients in our company and make efforts to produce the best products one by one with them. Pacific Supply also holds many seminars or lectures in our company, so we can improve our knowledge like new casting technique for prosthesis. I feel we have good partnership with them. I think prosthesis and orthosis are the first step to rehabilitation or daily living. A person who makes prosthesis and orthosis should always imagine how a patient use our equipment and pursue better solutions. I am also in sympathy with management philosophy of president Kawamura like taking care of employees or customers.
He was a designer in our joint development project “Gait solution design”.
“Gait solution design” is an AFO awarded “Good design award”.
Takamine Mitomi
Head of Dynamic design laboratory,
GK Dynamics Inc.(Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
We develop equipment together in some joint development project with Kawamura Gishi. I think I play an important role in our joint development because good design can raise patient's motivation for rehabilitation. In the case of GSD, I started to think about new design from our concept “Not conspicuous but reliable orthosis”. To direct motivation, we need design like gentle and reliable titan flame or sporty taste design. On the other hand, we also need simple and minimal design for inconspicuous orthosis but it sometimes means less supporting orthosis although we need support. To solve this difficult problem, Kawamura Gishi tried to make prototype model over ten times and examined them. At the result of this exchange of idea, we could develop progressive easy-to wear “rear-entry” or diversity to adopt different sizes. I think these trials and examination like we did in our GSD project is important for development. I am very impressed with this working around management of Kawamura Gishi.
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